Education is always more successful when a school works with parents and carers.  We at All Saints Catholic College are always keen to hear your views and with this in mind we intend to hold regular Parent Forum meetings every half-term, where you can discuss your views with us via Microsoft Teams.  Regular consultation with parents is really important to us and the Parents’ Forum provides a valuable way for you to communicate and for us to listen to your ideas and concerns, seek your views and ensure we are meeting the needs of our students.

Why get involved?

  • To give your opinion and be involved in the decisions that are made in school
  • To socialise with other parents and contribute to the wider school community.

Things you may be interested in setting up or taking part in:

  • Volunteering in school (post-COVID)
  • Education opportunities for adults
  • Consultation
  • Other – Any ideas?

Although not a decision making body, the forum has the opportunity to discuss current issues through an open dialogue. The agenda items are suggested by parents as well as by the school,  and through our meetings we aim to develop a stronger partnership with parents by improving communication.


Parent Forum Meeting Dates 2023/2024

Dates to be confirmed