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Term of Office: 14/12/2020 – 13/12/2024

I have lived in Huddersfield with my family since 2005.  My son and daughter both attend All Saints.

I have worked in large Financial Services organisations for over 20 years, using my skills to work through many challenging situations to ensure the needs of customers and colleagues are met.  My aim is to bring those skills and experience to All Saints as a Parent Governor.

I consider myself very fortunate to have had an excellent and enjoyable state school experience throughout my childhood, with learning opportunities that have positively influenced my life ever since.  Every child and their family deserve that experience and as a parent, I am committed to helping All Saints continue to develop and excel in offering these opportunities to all.

Term of Office: 04/12/2021- 03/12/2025

I have a long association with All Saints. My father taught at St Augustine’s and then at All Saints. Myself and my sisters were all educated at the school,  as were my three children.

Professionally, I lead complex investigations for a national ombudsman service. I am senior leader and hope my key skills of analysing information and assessment and management of risk will support the school to deliver high-quality education for all our students.

Term of Office: From 01/01/2018

Term of Office: 27/09/21 – 26/09/25

I have been on many governing bodies of schools through 26 years of ministry and have just arrived in Huddersfield as the parish priest of Immaculate Heart of Mary parish. I have also been the chaplain of 2 Catholic secondary schools and hope to develop my chaplaincy links with All Saints.

Term of Office: 25/11/2020 – 24/11/2024

I live in Huddersfield and my daughter attends All Saints.

I was appointed as a parent governor in 2020 and I currently serve on the Staffing and Curriculum sub-group.

I am a qualified and registered Social Worker and I am currently a Principal Lecturer in Social Work at a local University.

I have 13 years’ experience of teaching in higher education and I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. I hope that I can use my skills and experiences of teaching and learning to contribute towards school governance.

I feel that it is important that all young people have the opportunity to participate positively in school life and to achieve their full potential. I am passionate about ensuring that young people are equipped with the academic, vocational and social skills they need to successfully move into further education and employment.

Term of Office: 27/09/2022 – 26/09/2025

I have worked in education for ten years, of which the last seven years have been spent living and working in Huddersfield.

As the staff governor, I aim to use my experience to provide the best educational experience for our students. 

I benefitted hugely from the education opportunities I received whilst at school and want to facilitate similar opportunities for students at All Saints.

As a Geographer, I want our students to develop a curiosity and passion for learning about our world so that they are equipped for life after All Saints.

Term of Office: 06/10/2022 – 05/10/2026

As a qualified teacher who has always been interested in education, I am delighted to be able to make a contribution to the governance and educational performance of the school, and look forward to working with my fellow governors.

I started my career as an RAF Officer and transitioned into business where I gained hands-on CEO level experience of delivering high growth in several businesses, including leading them through considerable periods of change.

This strategic and operational expertise is complemented with experience gained in UK based and international consultancy roles facilitating and supporting strategy development, business performance improvement, leadership, and team development solutions.

Currently I am applying my wealth of experience and expertise to help CEO/Owners of small and medium sized businesses grow their businesses and optimize their business value.

Andy Weavill, BE.d (Hons), MCMI, MIC, MCIPD

Term of Office: 20/09/2023 – 19/09/2027

I live and work in Huddersfield – my oldest daughter attended the old All Saints and my youngest daughter is currently a pupil at the new All Saints.

I am an academic psychologist with 17 years’ experience of working in Higher Education. I am also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. My research is qualitatively orientated with a focus on gender and sexuality. I am also a listening volunteer with The Samaritans.

I feel it is important that we nurture young people’s creativity – empowering them to express themselves, ensuring their voices are heard. In my view It is vital that we foster an educational environment whereby young people are able to grow and develop into vibrant citizens.

I very much hope that I can bring my skills and experience to this privileged role of school governance.

Term of Office: 27/11/2023 – 26/11/2028

While Helen is a ‘Yorkshire Lass’, (originally from Leeds) she has worked extensively in both Yorkshire and Lancashire and, having studied for a Mathematics degree in Liverpool, has a strong affinity for both sides of the Pennines.

Helen has worked in educational settings throughout her career. She has experience of working in a variety of schools, in a range of different contexts in both primary and secondary education. Throughout her career, Helen held a varied range of positions of responsibility, leading to headship in two different secondary schools. She led her last school to outstanding and was designated a National Leader of Education.

Helen works as an independent, self-employed educational consultant. She has led S5 and S8 inspections and has experience of inspecting schools overseas. Helen provides a wide range of challenge, training and support to the schools with which she works. She has worked within and on behalf of a number of authorities, organisations and collaborative school groups.

Helen is a grandmother to three beautiful girls. Her hobbies include walking, travel, theatre and spending time with her family.

Term of Office: 28/02/22 – 01/07/2023

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Committee Membership and Links in School

Instrument of Government DIOCESE OF LEEDS

All Saints Catholic College, Huddersfield

  1. The name of the school is All Saints Catholic College, Huddersfield   
  1. The school was founded by and is part of the Catholic Church. The school is to be conducted as a Catholic School in accordance with the canon law and teachings of the Catholic Church and in accordance with the Trust Deed of the Diocese of Leeds and in particular:
  • religious education is to be in accordance with the teachings, doctrines, discipline and general and particular norms of the Catholic Church;
  • religious worship is to be in accordance with the rites, practices, discipline and liturgical norms of the Catholic Church;

and at all times the school is to serve as a witness to the Catholic faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ.

  1. The school is a voluntary aided school in the trusteeship of the Diocese of Leeds and is an exempt charity for the advancement of the Catholic religion in the Diocese of Leeds in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Catholic Church.
  1. The name of the Governing Body is: The Governing Body of All Saints Catholic College
  1. The Governing Body shall consist of : 
  • 8 foundation governors                          
  • 2 parent governors
  • 1 headteacher
  • 1 staff
  • 1 LA governor.
  • 1 co-opted
  1. The total number of governors shall be 14.
  1. Foundation governors shall be appointed and may be removed by the Bishop of Leeds (or any other person exercising Ordinary jurisdiction in his name including where the seat is vacant or impeded, the persons on whom the governance of the seat has devolved).
  1. The term of office of all governors is 4 years.
  1. This Instrument of Government comes into effect on 31 August 2015
  1. This Instrument of Government was approved by the Diocese of Leeds 18 September 2014 and made by The Kirklees Catholic Voluntary Aided Schools (Instrument of Government) Order No 8 2015.
  1. A copy of this instrument must be supplied to the trustees in accordance with the school’s trust deed and to the Director of Schools of the Diocese of Leeds and every member of the Governing Body.

Register of Business Interests for School Governors

Name of GovernorCategoryRelevant Business/ Personal InterestsLinks to other educational establishmentsRelationships with School Staff or other GovernorsDate Form CompletedTerm of Office
Tim AtkinsonChair of GovernorsNILNILNIL19.01.202414.12.20 - 13.12.24
Deirdre MicklethwaiteFoundation - Vice Chair of GovernorsNILNILNIL14.10.202304.12.21 - 03.12.25
Karen ColliganPrincipalAll Saints' PrincipalNILNIL06.07.2023 From 01.01.18
Fr. John CarlisleFoundationNILSt Joseph's Primary Academy - GovernorNIL18.01.202427.09.21 - 26.09.25
Kim HeanueParentNILUniversity of Huddersfield - Staff memberNIL24.01.202425.11.20 - 24.11.24
Andrew WeavillFoundationNILNILNIL09.07.202306.10.22 - 05.10.26
Julian SmithStaffNILNILNIL04.09.202327.09.22 - 26.09.25
Sarah DalyFoundationNILUniversity of Huddersfield - Staff memberNIL22.01.202420.09.23 - 19.09.27

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Thursday 28th September 2023
Wednesday 24th January 2024
Monday 22nd April 2024
Wednesday 17th July 2024
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