The school fund for 2023/2024 has so far highlighted the following fundraising across the academic year:

General Fundraising – Macmillan Payment £145
Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day payment to charity £166.68
Aid to the Church Charity payment £134
Forget me not – Children hospice £469.40
Unicef £71.50
Totals £986.58

The school fund for 2022/2023 has fundraised across the academic year

General Fundraising – Aid to the Church in Need £25.72
Forget me not – Children hospice £393.85
Macmillan Coffee Morning £90.59
Martin Hospice £100.30
British Legion payment £90.79
Readathon Donation £41.08
Friends of All Saints Fashion Show Fundraising £597.52
Donation to Good Shepherd £273.97
Donation to CAFOD £216.53