As the cost of living increases Kirklees Council are looking at how they support families in the best ways possible.

Kirklees Council brand-new ‘Cost of Living Support’ resource provides information on how to access council support to help manage increased living costs. A dedicated web page has been created that breaks down the support available into the three categories of, Food, Energy, and Money.


You can find the ‘Cost of Living Support’ information at 

The Council web pages can now be translated into many different languages at the click of a button. Simply click on ‘select language’at the top of the destination page.

If you are aware of a family/families that need immediate help with food, the below information/links may help:

Food Banks – There are several food banks in Kirklees that offer support with the essentials like food and basic toiletries. Contact the Local Welfare Provision team, Citizens Advice, a social worker or a GP to check if you are able to receive support. They will make a referral to your nearest food bank or wider support services.

Local Welfare Provision includes contact details if you are need immediate support. If food is required it usually arrives the same day or the next working day.

Kirklees Citizens Advice and Law Centre  can refer you to a local food bank and help check that you’re getting all you’re entitled to. They also give budgeting and debt advice.

Other links which you may find useful:

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