Expectations for student engagement with remote learning

  • Any serious breaches of school rules will be investigated with an appropriate sanction issued.
  • Follow your school timetable and complete work for the 5 periods you would have had in school.
  • Hand in all assignments on time.
  • Do not use the ‘chat’ mechanism for any communication with other students.
  • If you need to ask your teacher for help with your work, you should email them directly and they will assist you.

Please note that BfL protocols still apply to your behaviour during remote learning. You are expected to treat your teachers and fellow students with courtesy and respect.  

  • Engage in all of your learning tasks
  • Speak and act in a respectful way in any communications, voice, video or chat
  • In live sessions, you are to remain silent and muted throughout the session, unless the teacher asks you to engage and contribute.

During ‘live’ sessions  

  • Sign in to live learning sessions a few minutes in advance of the session start time (you will be marked as late after 5 minutes).
  • Ensure your video and audio functions are switched off before you join the session.
  • Do not use the chat/ question function until your teacher tells you to, we will use this function for question and answer between you and your teacher, it is not for student to student communication. Please note that the chat can be seen by all participants. You must use appropriate language when posting comments in teams and you should only comment on the work.
  • All live lessons will be recorded. 
  • ‘Microsoft Teams’ is only for your teachers; you must not use it as a social media tool to keep in touch with friends.
  • You must not, under any circumstances, record the lesson.
  • If you use any function of teams in contradiction of the guidance outlined here, you will be removed from the session and may not be able to access any further live sessions. We will contact home and discuss appropriate sanctions with parents following any poor behaviour.
  • If you have technical issues accessing teams for the time of your live session, please email your teacher and notify them of this.
  • If your teacher has any technical issues, or any other reason why they cannot deliver the live session as planned, they will delete the meeting on Teams so you will not be required to attend.
  • If you are late signing into the live learning session, you will be marked as late. You will need to wait in the lobby until your teacher can let you in, as your teacher will be delivering live learning, they may not be able to let students in once the session has started. However, the lesson will be recorded and you will be able to access this later.