Behaviour for learning expectations will be in place for remote learning, the expectations are as follows:

  • Engage in all of your learning tasks
  • Speak and act in a respectful way in any communications, voice, video or chat
  • In live sessions, you are to remain silent and muted throughout the session, unless the teacher asks you to engage and contribute.

Teachers will issue 3 warnings, after this point you will be removed from the live session and parents contacted / details logged.

Any serious breaches of school rules will be investigated with an appropriate sanction issued.

Your teachers will continue to issue rewards points for engagement, attendance and completion of work during remote learning.

We expect all students to follow their timetable when learning from home and engage with all live learning sessions. You will be expected to sign into Teams daily to access your class work which will have been uploaded to class materials, clear instructions of what work you need to complete will be set in your assignments section.